We love them
as much as you do


As pet lovers, we know just how hard it can be to leave our furry friends – whether it’s during the working day or for a holiday. And that’s why SuPaw Nanny was born. Our team of professional pet sitters and dog walkers will care for your pets when you can’t be there – so you don’t have to worry.

We can look after your pets in your own home, keeping both them and your property safe and secure. Or we can take care of them into our family home for you. That’s not all though, we’ll carry out a professional consultation and pet assessment, organise a proper introduction and we can keep you updated via our text or email service while we’re looking after your pet too.

Put simply, we’ll care as much about your needs as your pets’. And that really is saying something. What’s more, our wide range of pet care services mean we’ll always be on hand to help.


Your Pets Deserve The Best

We know that every pet is different. So the service we offer for everyone is different too. All of the services below can be adapted to suit your animal – and, of course, to suit you too. Just get in touch to discuss your needs and to arrange a free initial consultation.

And rest assured that we really do want the best for your pet. In fact, over the years, we’ve built strong links with our local veterinary professionals and we’re now approved, recommended and used by them.



It’s all very well us telling you how much we care about your pets’ needs. But nothing rings truer than hearing from our other clients themselves which is why we’re sharing just a few of our most recent testimonials below.

Amanda Randall

SuPaw Nanny has looked after my cat 'Rose' since she was a kitten. Rose isn't great with strangers, but she loves her Nanny. Amazing service for pets and owners. Always responsive, always reliable and Nanny truly loves all her fury customers. I'd be lost without
SuPaw Nanny.

tracey stillwell

Our Lola absolutely loves Stacy and I wouldn't trust her with anyone else. She's a very nervous dog but when she's out on her walkies with SuPaw Nanny and her pals you definitely wouldn't think so!! Stacy loves all of the furbabies in her care no matter what species or breed they are. They are loved and cared for 100%.

Chloe Herbert
12. December, 2020.
Samantha De Silva
7. December, 2020.
SuPaw Nanny is amazing!! Our puppy has the best time with Stacy. I know he’s safe, well looked after and absolutely loves his doggy daycare days. Stacy is so professional and so lovely. I’ve contacted her for advice when Harley was poorly and she was brilliant. Responded straight away and kept checking in to see how he was getting on.
Charlotte Lawrence
4. December, 2020.
Amazing service from SuPaw Nanny 100% 5 star service. After I had a weekend away from home, Molly was in the best hands ever. She loved her visits and play time. It was such a relief that I was able to keep her in her normal surroundings with no stress, as bunnies do not adapt well to change or stress. SuPaw Nanny completely understood this, listen and reassured me. I received regular updates and fantastic pictures of my happy hoppy fur baby. SuPaw Nanny is not just dogs and feline friends, Molly (the bunny) was so happy and relaxed which means a very happy me!!! Thank you again, only the best for my bunny and not forgetting the fish who were equally looked after. I have found someone who really cares for my fur baby and I have no fear of going away when I have SuPaw Nanny caring for her.🐰❤️🐠
Chloe Herbert
1. December, 2020.
My Cavapoo and Cocker Spaniel absolutely adore SuPaw Nanny and eagerly await her return! They always come back so happy and content. I couldn’t recommend SuPaw Nanny enough. I wouldn’t send my dogs anywhere else!
Rean Potton
27. November, 2020.
SuPaw Nanny has taken care of our pets for the past nine years, in that time she has cared for our cats, rabbits, dogs, pigs, our hens, chickens and even our beloved tortoise! All with the uttermost care and compassion. She's always on hand when we need her and our pets adore her! Our dog so enjoys the mental and physical stimulation in Nannys company, and the SuPaw Park has been a godsend as she always returns home from there so very happy, tired and relaxed. And we love recieving her pictures each day ~ these are great to see what a fab time our pets have when she cares for them! A wonderful service, very much valued by all in our household! Thank you Nanny (Stacy!)
Angie Page
23. November, 2020.
22. November, 2020.
I cannot speak highly enough of this amazing company. No matter what they always there for me when I need them, more than that tho is the fact that my dogs absolutely adore her, some people can speak to the animals and Stacy is definitely one of them. Thanks SUPAW NANNY SPAW SERVICE.
Helen Wheeler
19. November, 2020.
Supawnanny is part of the family, I know my trusty canine pal, is in the very best of hands when he’s out with Supawnanny and the gang! Skilled, reliable and loving petcare. ❤️❤️