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Introducing our exclusive, purpose-built, woodland-based enrichment experience!

With access to our very own private, fully-enclosed woodland, our Canine Enrichment Adventure Park offers safe, secure, socially distanced free roaming adventure play!

Our action packed adventure day starts when we collect your dog from your home (or you are free to drop them to us each morning and collect each afternoon if this is your preference!), from here we transport them safely in our sanitised, custom built Pet Taxi, to our own private oasis! 

Ideal for dogs who love to socialise, they’ll spend their days interacting with like minded fur-friends, all the while discovering scentwork and rural landscapes in a secure, supervised, enriching environment – a true sensory utopia! 

Motivated by the principles of Dog Parkour, obstacles in our exciting private environment have been repurposed for adventure for dogs to climb, jump, go under, over, through and search for scent. Using natural obstacles in this way builds confidence in nervous dogs and slows down hyperactive dogs, all the better for helping creating better focus and control! 

Our adventure days are fully supervised and inclusive, there is truly something for everyone regardless of age! From our Log Scatter with its natural log piles encouraging dogs to interact with their surroundings and provide physical and mental challenges, to our Digging Pit which will ignite your dog’s curiosity. By placing treats on top of the earth at first, we next bury them just underneath the top soil layer and encourage your pet to ‘Find it’ in order to engage their sense of touch and smell.  All our features are meticulously designed to challenge your pets whilst careful not to overwhelm or frustrate them, in order to improve their manners and behaviour.

Another already firm favourite with our regulars are our newly installed Treat Logs – these have plenty of cavities and hidey-holes for treats. Scattering some of your dog’s favourite treats among the cavities is just another one of the ways in which we encourage your pets to use their noses and bodies to find their food in natural habitat.

A hugely appealing part of our private sanctuary is our Sensory Garden, already doing wonders to help reduce stress and anxiety in many dogs who have visited, we’ve encouraged many new dogs to become more secure in their surroundings and provide stimulation and enrichment. As well as tantalising all their senses, our sensory garden encourage dogs to interact with their surroundings and provide physical and mental challenges.

The gardens are made up of a variety of different smells, textures and sounds to engage all the senses. Our regulars now love nothing more than having a good sniff about, exploring their new fascinating rich scent environment. Did you know that dogs choose plants to self-medicate based on their physiological and psychological needs? We have plants with relaxation properties to help anxious, hyperactive or stressed dogs, plants for skin irritation or stomach upsets, hormonal imbalance, digestive or urinary problems and inflammation. 

In addition to the above there are plenty of little streams to paddle in, and acres of flat spaces for your dog to run to their heart’s content!  

We have always encouraged stability in the lives of the dogs we care for and as such have structured walk times, play times (dependant on weather, age, condition etc) along with sleep times so that they understand that life can be calm and fun at the same time! At home, our new purpose-built dog haven provides plenty of new places for them to snuggle while at home providing a relaxing sanctuary with huge comfy beds for them to stretch out across during rest periods throughout their day! 

We recognise that some dogs need time out and have the space for private sleeping/rest rooms away from other dogs too! So there’s plenty of time for naps and breaks, should they require them. If your dog is having lunch, they will be fed at the start of naptime and will have plenty of time to digest food before they are allowed to play again. This private time also allows us to administer any medications, if these should be applicable.

Our Standard Daycare Package starts from just £36 per day per dog (subject to each pets individual requirements) this includes our Pet Taxi Carriage service (or contactless Drop and Collect service by appointment), along with walks and play sessions in our private Adventure Park, they’ll also enjoy our restful, welcoming home environment. Best of all, you can trust that your pet will return home, fulfilled, happy, tired and content after all that excitement in one day!

A socially distanced assessment takes place prior to admission.  And each dog must be up to date with vaccinations and preventative treatments prior to joining in the fun!

Rest assured all of our procedures reflect the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions)(England) (Amendment) Regulations 2020 and have been approved and regulated by East Herts Local Authority. We are happy to share our full preventative healthcare order with you should you wish to review this.

Meanwhile, here’s a little more information on the benefits of enrichment environment such as our SuPaw Adventure Park

Social Enrichment – fulfils a pets need to interact with others. This includes time with people and other animals. We set up supervised play groups with dogs that are truly compatible. 

Occupational Enrichment – sports-orientated activities – like canine agility or scent work – challenge dogs and encourages them to reach their full potential. 

Physical enrichment – it’s not just about exercise! Play is an effective way to physically enrich your dog’s world. Studies show interaction with games may decrease a dog’s response to environmental triggers like noise, unfamiliar people and dogs as well as reduce excessive barking, destructive behaviours and digging. Digging is a normal behaviour for many dogs so stifling that behaviour may be difficult and lead to other behaviour issues. Our private woodland has a dedicated digging area that we load with fun things for your dog to find. Play uses physical energy, channels mental energy and builds confidence and relationships like nothing else!

Sensory Enrichment – with a plethora of rural sights, smells, textures, tastes and sounds within our park we are able to successfully stimulate each one of your dog’s senses. We give your dog opportunity to walk on different surfaces, smell, see, hear and even taste new things on each adventure!

Nutritional Enrichment – dogs naturally forage for food so we lay scent trails with different flavours and textures of food and play foraging games for dogs to hunt and search.

And if all that’s not enough to get excited about, thanks to all our hard work we were rewarded with a 5* status Boarding and Daycare license by East Herts County Council (Ref: 19/2130/AA) during our annual licensing renewal inspection. 

This is the highest accolade awarded to any establishment – and we are SuPaw proud of this, a true testimony to our commitment, professionalism and dedication to the animals in our care. What’s even more exciting is that this now allows us to increase the number of pets we can safely care for at any one time and we are therefore in a privileged position to be able to offer up a limited number of new places for daycare clients!

If you feel your pet would benefit from our award winning daycare service – be it Monday to Friday every week or just one or two days to break up their week, by all means get in touch with us to find out more, or reserve a place on our adventure day schedule!

We hope your furry-best friend is as excited by our SuPaw-Park as we are – and we hope they’ll want to join us on an adventure day or two in the near future!

Our Services

Dog Walking – £16 per hour

Studies and experience have taught us that dogs need a lot of stimulation. Many behavioural problems, such as barking, chewing and digging are the result of isolation, boredom and lack of exercise. So something as simple as using a dog walking service can make all the difference.

SuPaw Nanny’s Dog Walking is designed for owners who spend any length of time away from home – whatever the reason. We’re happy to walk your dogs on a one-off, regular, or daily basis. You’ll be able to get on with your day, knowing that we’ll fetch your dog from your home and treat him or her to at least 60 minutes of exercise (excluding travelling time) in woods nearby.

Then, after having lots of fun and interaction, your pet will be delivered back home – tired and happy.

A few facts

  • We offer a variety of walk lengths, so please just ask.
  • You can choose to have your dog walked individually, or to take part in one of our group walks with other dogs.
  • To join a group, your dog will need to be well socialised and mild-tempered – and not aggressive around other dogs.
  • Un-castrated dogs over nine months and bitches in season tend not to be accepted on group walks.
  • During walks, every dog must wear a securely fitting collar and ID tag. This can be supplied by the walker.

Discounts and special offers are available for additional dogs from the same household and for weekly bookings. See our prices and special offers for more information-

Nanny Nursery (Daycare) – from £36 per day (9.30am to 5.15pm)

Some dogs are very sociable. They crave constant companionship and love being around other dogs. Our SuPaw Nanny Nursery is designed especially for them. After a day with us, we guarantee your dog will return home happy, tired and relaxed!

This doggy day care service includes:

  • Multiple walks (depending on what each dog can manage);
  • Unlimited access to our exclusive purpose-built canine enrichment environment;
  • Time for your pet to relax and play in your sitters own home;
  • The chance to socialise with other friendly dogs.

Up to four dogs can spend the day with us – in a safe animal loving home with a large secure garden (complete with 6ft fence all the way around). The day is made up of group play and free-roaming fun, so we can only accept well-socialised dogs. Our initial free consultation will help us to work out together whether this service is right for you pet.

In addition to our already comprehensive daycare package, we are now thrilled to be able to offer your fur-babies the rare opportunity to enjoy our new, purpose built, woodland-based enrichment experience!

Our SuPaw Adventure Park launched in June 2020, providing exclusive access to the areas first purpose-built outdoor canine enrichment Adventure Park!

See below for more information.

Pet and House Sitting – £15 per visit (subject to requirements)

SuPaw Nanny can be on hand and assigned to your home to look after your pets when you’re not able to be there. We can help with all animals; dogs, cats, parrots, gerbils, tropical fish, tortoises, rabbits, goldfish, chickens or any other pet you own.

In addition to our standard animal welfare services (feeding/litter/toilet breaks/petting) we can also bring in your mail, open and close curtains, water plants and turn lights on and off as required so as your house looks like you are still at home. Rest assured our CRB-checked Nanny will secure your premises after each visit.

Visits usually last 15 – 30 minutes to break up the pet’s day. And we’re happy to carry out this service on a one-off, annual, regular or daily basis.

All you’ll need to do is make sure your pets’ toys, food and treats are on hand for us – and we’ll be able to help you maintain your pets’ routine and avoid the stress of kennels/Catteries/Bunneries or moving to another home. This can be especially important for owners who have pets with disabilities, including blindness, deafness. Or animals who are simply too old for a visit to a new environment.

Otherwise we can look after them in our staff homes so pets will have 24/7 undivided attention. This will be subject to availability of places and pet suitability – find out more about our Home Boarding service below.

If you’ve recently introduced puppies or kittens into your home – this service can also be particularly useful when rearing the youngsters! Our Puppy/Kitten Sitting service is a 30 – 45 minute visit to your home. During this time, we’ll look after pet feeding, provide clean water and change litter trays or clear up mess. It also gives us enough time to give your pet some attention too: petting, one-to-one interaction, stimulation and socialisation. All the things they need to make them happy.

Home Boarding (Dogs) – from £41 per night (7pm to 9.30am)

Some pets really don’t like being left alone overnight. Others can’t be left on their own due to illness. Either way, our Overnight Home Boarding service can help.

It’s a better and less stressful alternative to kennels. Your pet will live as one of our family while you’re away – with a routine tailored to your pet’s individual needs. And we offer it on a one-off, annual or regular basis, depending on what you need.

Animals of all ages can settle into our animal loving environment, whether they’re young and athletic or elderly and just want to snooze on the sofa all day while having their tummy rubbed! Please note, we only board dogs who visit us regularly for Daycare, due to the recent changes to licensing legislation – when caring for dogs from multiple households they must be regularly familiarised with each other beforehand – so unfortunately we are only able to offer home boarding to our regular clients – i.e. those dogs who attend weekly daycare whom we – and our resident dogs – are already familiar with. We cannot offer adhoc sessions as we require at least one weekly visit (minimum) to ensure harmony within the groups and to keep all the dogs familiar with one another, and our environment. From experience, we find sending dogs on an adhoc basis is unlikely to be enough to make a significant difference to their behaviour and ability to socialise with others. 


Small Animal Boarding – from £5 per day

Small animals need special services. So we’ve set up a holiday home for your small furry friends – meaning they can have a break when you do.

We have the perfect animal hotel and bunnaries (or, as we like to call them, luxury-indoor hutches!) It’s suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, hamsters and rats. And you can use this on a one-off, regular or annual basis, depending on your needs.

Will also happily visit your own home to look after your pet if you’d prefer they stay put while your not there – see our info above regarding Pet and House Sitting. 

Pet Taxi – from £36 per hour, plus mileage (40p per mile to and from destination)

Transporting our pets isn’t always easy. Not everyone drives – not everyone wants their car covered in pet hair! And taxi companies aren’t always keen to help. It makes our Pet Taxi service a very popular one.

We have a dedicated vehicle that’s fitted with comfortable safety crates. So wherever your pet needs to go, we can take it there. We’ll even represent you at the pet parlour or vets if you can’t be there – and pass on any instructions to you.

All you need to do is make sure we have you pet’s food, toys and treats to hand. We’ll do the rest – as a one-off, regularly or daily service.

Photo Blog

We can talk for hours about what we’ll provide your pets. But sometimes it’s better to see these things for yourself. Here are a few special moments caught on camera showing our charges enjoying themselves while their ‘parents’ are away!