Boarding/daycare agreement

Overnight boarding traditional sees owners delivering their pet(s) to Nanny's house at 6pm on day of arrival and collecting them at 9.30am on day of departure. If you're requiring drop off/collection outside of these times then subsequent daycare can be arranged by prior appointment.
We will require an Emergency Contact for the duration of your pets stay with us.
Please provide details of your pets diet and related feeding requirements including the name/type of food, quantity and frequency. Please also include any specific treats.
Dogs in our care will receive a minimum of two walks each day, for a minimum of 20 minutes subject to life stage, physical and mental health, veterinary advice and breed of each dog. Should your dog(s) have any specific exercise requirements contrary to this, please state them here and we will exercise your pet(s) pursuant to your specific instruction and consent as set out above. NB: We only let dogs off lead after a period of getting to know them and in the fields away from the main road. We can use long lines as an extra precaution (if requested above). We will only let your dog off lead if/when we feel comfortable and confident to do so. So, if this is your dog’s first stay with us or they have not been for a while, we will work up to them being off lead if you have ticked the above 'off-lead' permission.
During your dog’s stay it will be beneficial for your dog to have their body, paws, eyes, ears, teeth. gums etc checked daily, particularly after walks for foreign objects (grass seeds, other vegetation, parasites etc). We will also check for matting and if necessary remove it, as this can cause your dog unnecessary pain. Please provide any specific grooming requirements for your pet(s) above and ensure you pack their own grooming equipment for their stay.
Please state the renewal date of your pet(s) vaccination. An up-to-date veterinary vaccination record must be seen prior to boarding to ensure that dogs have current vaccinations against Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Kennel Cough. Certification from a veterinarian of a recent protective titre test may be accepted instead of a booster vaccination. The certificate must state that it is valid for the current period of boarding. Primary vaccination courses must be completed at least two weeks before boarding.
Please state the renewal date of your pet(s) Flea, Tick, Lice and Worm treatment. Your dog(s) must have been appropriately treated for internal and external parasites in accordance with veterinary advice before entry to home boarding/daycare. If there is evidence of fleas, ticks, lice or worms your dog will be treated with an appropriate product authorised by VMD & SuPaw Nanny will inform you, the owner, as and when parasites are discovered and invoice you for the cost.
Please detail any health/behavioural problems and/or prescribed medicines you would like your pet(s) to receive during his/her stay and advise the quantity of and routine requirements (dosage, frequency and where to be stored etc). Medicines will be issued pursuant to your specific instructions and all prescribed medicines will be stored safely and securely to safeguard against unauthorised access, at the correct temperature, and used in accordance with the instructions of the veterinarian/and or yourself. All courses will be completed to the specifications given by you and any unused medications will be returned you.
SuPaw Nanny's full Terms and Conditions of Business can be found online at