Winter Warmers

Brrr, it’s f-fur-freezing! Winter is here, and it’s crucial to consider the well-being of our furry friends in these chilly times. Whether it’s protecting their skin from the cold or ensuring their paws stay safe and warm, SuPaw Nanny is here with some valuable winter care tips for your pets!

🌨️ **Rain, Wind, Snow & Ice:**

Winter elements can affect your dog’s skin. Going from a warm house to the cold outdoors may lead to dryness, itchiness, and flaking.

 Muddy adventures can leave your pet with soggy fur, so use a clean damp cloth to remove dirt and dry their paws gently.

❄️ **Loss of Body Heat:**

Smaller and shorter-haired dogs lose heat quicker. Know your breed’s tolerances, and be mindful of their comfort in the cold.

🌨️ **Snowballs/Snow in Fur:**

Longer-haired breeds might encounter snowball troubles. Clipping their feet or lower legs can help, and regular nail trims prevent snow buildup.

🦴 **Arthritis/Osteoarthritis in Dogs:**

Cold weather can worsen joint problems. Keep outdoor trips short, provide warm bedding, and consider heated pads for extra coziness.

☃️ **Snow and Ice Dangers:**

Snow can mask scents, disorienting dogs. Ensure they wear collars with contact details, and microchip them for identification.

Keep dogs close near iced-over water to avoid potential accidents.

🧊 **Salt & Chemicals:**

Salt on roads can dry and crack paws. Wipe your pet’s paws after walks to remove salt, snow, and chemicals.

Coats and jackets provide warmth and protection from the cold. Invest in quality dogwear for durability.

Boots are a smart addition to shield your dog’s feet from harmful chemicals and freezing surfaces.

🐾 **Paw Care:**

Use paw butter for indoor paw care and paw wax for outdoor protection against chapping and slips.

Wipes are a convenient solution for cleaning paws before loading your dog back into your car after a walk.

Ensure your pets stay cozy and safe during winter with SuPaw Nanny’s thoughtful care tips! 

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