As a reminder, here are our revised pandemic procedures regarding pet care and home visits to reassure you that SuPaw Nanny has been and will continue using good hygiene practices and have adapted our interaction with clients in order to safeguard the risk of the transmission of the Coronavirus infection to ensure comply with the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restriction) (England) Regulations 2020. 

As you’ve experienced in the past, exemplary hygiene practices have and always will be a key foundation in the service we provide. We will continue to wash our hands thoroughly between homes and wipe down any shared equipment between pets. And it goes without saying that we are more than happy to take any extra precautions you so wish. 

I’ve outlined below our updated policy on preventing the Spread of Any Disease of Human or Animal:

 ⁃ To perform our job as a pet sitter, we need to go in and out of people’s homes. This means that we may touch many pets and surfaces. Good practice has therefore always been to wash our hands between visits to avoid spreading both human and animal illnesses. I have now reminded Team Members to always wash their hands:

 ⁃ On arrival and departure of each visit;

 ⁃ Before and after touching any pets;

 ⁃ Before and after touching any surface in the home;

 ⁃ We will now also be wearing latex gloves when working in other people’s homes to protect ourselves and our clients and prevent the spread of germs via door knobs and handles, key lock boxes, entry keypads etc.

– We will continue to regularly apply Sterillium® – an isopropanol and n-proponal based surgical hand disinfectant which is recommended by our local veterinary practice in the UK by IMS Euro Ltd via H&R Healthcare Ltd., distributor for Bode Chemie UK. Sterillium has been the No.1 hand disinfectant amongst veterinary surgeons in Europe for many years. Sterillium offers superior efficacy to traditional chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) scrub methods. This is backed by comprehensive scientific evidence and supported by World Health Organisation (WHO) Hand Hygiene Guidelines.

– All dogs are to be wiped down with a damp, disposable cloth prior to being walked and again before being returned home.

 ⁃ We already hold keys for the majority of our clients, we would now ask those clients who normally offer access via shared keys to now provide SuPaw Nanny with our own key in order to reduce cross contaminations via keys themselves. 

 ⁃ Slip leads will continue to be used when collecting and returning dogs for Walkies, to prevent handling of individual collers/harnesses etc our leads will be washed in hot water with soap after each walk. And we will provide your dog with its own lead for the purpose of our walk.

 ⁃ Should you suffering from COVID19, displaying symptoms or self isolating we would ask that you inform us ahead of any visits/dog walking so that we can add additional hygiene measures can be applied such as disinfecting individual dog leads etc and dogs from isolated or infected homes will not be walked with other dogs.

– Regarding drop off and collection of dogs; this will continue to be completely contact free – owners who are at home will continue to place dogs in gardens or hall ways and close all connecting doors before I collect and return to eliminate any human contact. Likewise, all daycare clients arriving at our premises will do so by prior appointment and will be staggered to ensure social distancing is maintained at all times. Upon arrival owners should text to say they have arrived and then remain in their car to enable Nanny to ensure our enclosed front garden is clear of any other dogs, once clear owners can then pop their pet and any belongings into the garden and reclose the gate. Nanny will then be on hand to receive them from the other side. Prior to entering our property dogs will either be wiped with damp towel or bathed in our purpose-built outside dog wash station (subject to their temperament). Clients are asked to remain behind the closed gate at all times. Gate latches will be sanitised between each client visit. All communication will be carried out by phone/text/WhatsApp prior to pets arrival/departures.

Should you have any questions in regards to protocols please do not hesitate to contact me.

We’re very much looking forward to seeing you all again!